Thursday, December 1, 2011

A new paradise like Era

Year 2012 ends the Mayan calendar and year 2013 is the first year of a new Era. My book shows that this will be a paradise like era as the strenght of technology joins hands with healthy ways of living and the healthy biosphere via the new user-friendly and environment-friendly technology.

11.8.2017   It seems that someoe has messed with my book. It ought to be 400 pages long but to my computer I got a text like my blog texts that was much shorter. The book has some repetition but ught not have large parts repeated. It was written in a completely different style than my blogs, very objectively, kind of academical work for the layman. It was the central core of my several years' work and I cannot write it again. Maybe it has been lost and the positive future of the world maybe lost with it too.

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