Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Intermediate level between ordinary and religion

Of Japanese philosophy and maybe of Asian traditional philosophies at large I often come to think that they appear vague because there lacks an intermediate level of understanding and skill that would tell what is moral, why to be moral, what is intelligent objective thinking like and how to learn it, how to live with good spirit in the socviety and in one's understanding and moral, how to make beautiful arrangements to work in practise and find room for feelings, atmosphere and spirit in the tough world, for deep understanding and fractureless ways of living. European world views offer such but how could Asians learn those skills? Herein my book at a link from the first post there are beneficiality grounds for moral and for finding room for feelings in the tough world. Asians often start from fine and continue with selfishness, while the right order would be to start with selfishness and end up beautifully for the world too. In my other texts there is more about thinking skills and intelligence, see , somethings about moral, see , about healthy naturaöl ages old ways of living in harmony with the world, see my blog , and about the relationship of feelings and atmospheres to objective thinking, see playlist at . Maybe also my Finnish blogs offer some extra informations, especially Haaveammattiin, Pehmeä versus kova, ja Tunteet ja tekemisentapa.

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